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Google, You Own Me

Alvin Toffler said, “Acceleration is one of the most important and least understood of all social forces.” There is much to be understood of futurism within the scope of enormous change. Let’s talk about it right now in terms…

Start Ups

Palantir Gets more big money for more Big Data

Palantir, the Palo Alto based big data, CIA funded start up that still hasn’t invited me to dinner announced Friday another round of financing. $196.5 million. Thanks to The Daily News, September 28th edition for this news.…

Government & Technology

Big Data, Big Brother, and Small Returns for Some

I said it before: Big money follows big data follows big disruption. The Silicon Valley Business Journal recently wrote about Sequoia Capital Investor Michael Moritz arguing the position that collectively we are creating a massive data factory by our willingness…