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Varsity Theatre

The Varsity On University Ave. Palo Alto

This is a walk down Memory Lane. As the Varsity is about to rebirth as a co-sharing work and coffee bar, let us remember all the good things the building has given us, bookstore, yes, but especially the bar,…

General Voices

Apple Geniuses

The new VP of Apple Retail has her work cut out for her – this place looks like a Costco with Walmart Greeters. But don’t fix what isn’t broken and the GENIUS of the Genius Bar lives on and…

tech bubble

A Bubble in Tech in Palo Alto?

  Is there a tech bubble here in Palo Alto and will massive money go poof and the world implode? (I hope the world of restaurants implodes.   Alas, we now have a brunch menu with only one egg…