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Apple Geniuses

The new VP of Apple Retail has her work cut out for her – this place looks like a Costco with Walmart Greeters. But don’t fix what isn’t broken and the GENIUS of the Genius Bar lives on and…

tech bubble

A Bubble in Tech in Palo Alto?

  Is there a tech bubble here in Palo Alto and will massive money go poof and the world implode? (I hope the world of restaurants implodes.   Alas, we now have a brunch menu with only one egg…


The Epiphany Opens in Palo Alto

It used to be a home for low income. I suspect it was built with federal monies with the proviso that for a certain number of years it must be occupied by the marginalized. After those years are gone…


First Bitcoin Purchase

Crypto currency in action. A spicy mocha at Palo Alto’s Coupa Cafe. Thank you to the wonderful staff at Coupa that knows more about this than I do and walked me through my first bitcoin mocha.      …